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Has DeMellier Nailed the Perfect Way to Launch a New Luxury Brand?

So, I've been on the lookout for a new handbag to carry as my 'main' go-to bag for quite some time. The last bag whose design seduced me turned out to be of less than stellar quality despite the well-known name it came from. I decided that the next bag I bought would be in the league of my past Gucci, Kenzo, Prada and other bags. Unfortunately, a bad combination of lack of time to look, and lack of seeing anything interesting when I did look had led to me not buying anything for quite some time.

After spotting some interesting designs in magazines, I settled on a shape I liked- saddle bag- and then one day, I spotted it in an unusual place: In a paparazzi shot taken of Meghan Markle! I really loved it, so after a few Google searches, I discovered that it was from a brand I'd never heard of, DeMellier.

Not knowing the brand, I was compelled to do research about it. It turns out that it was a new brand, created by a woman, Mireia Llusia-Lindh, who had come from Barcelona but lives in London. The name was one she chose rather than her own, and this was her second launch of a fashion accessory line. So how did she get it right this time?

"I embarked on a mission to create handbags with no compromises. They had to be beautiful and of the highest quality but also functional and attainable, as well as socially conscious," she says at her website. And indeed, this might have been the perfect combination of elements to propel the brand to success. It also helps that the brand has been seen on well-known superstars such as Beyonce, Emily Blunt, and royalty such as the aforementioned Meghan Markle.

Each bag comes with a lifetime guarantee of free repairs (which I have used!). This is an intriguing offer, considering that other luxury brands that I know of do not do this, or do not advertise that they do this. It's an amazing customer service promise that breeds confidence in buying a brand that is not yet globally known.

On top of this, she's worked in a philanthropic aspect to buying a DeMellier bag, where each sale results in vaccinations for children around the world.

Clearly, every aspect of the brand has been carefully considered and executed. This is one to watch to see where it goes next. I would expect that in years to come, it becomes acquired by a larger luxury company, such as LVMH, and expanded around the world, if that is Mireia's goal.

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