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Do More in 2019

Content and Systems Team Planning

How Can You Grow in 2019?

2018 was a great year for us at Content & Systems. We helped clients expand their business with new brand strategies, marketing activities, and business development assistance.

Marketing Tools You Should Use This Year

Recession may be on the horizon. What can you do to prepare? Strengthen your branding now.

A tighter branding strategy can help you weather the storm better than discounts and promos. Here are some other tools you should use in 2019:

Focus on Customer Experience

Sure, we could have led with AI, chatbots, and other marketing tech solutions like voice search, but really, these are all a part of a better customer experience. Wow-ing customers at as many touchpoints as possible, especially live, should be something that every marketing person thinks about this year. Can you elevate your live events? Bump up your digital connections? Create an after-sales service experience that excites your customers about buying again? These should be your goals this year.

Find Brand Partners

No man is an island, and no company is either- it’s better to do things together. Find partners to help you market your products and reach new customer. Start by brainstorming companies that are already delivering related products to your target customers. For example, if you make video editing software, partner with an app or phone manufacturer. Or, if you sell beauty products, look beyond the salon or spa chains, and consider partnering with a fashion brand.

Become a Video Expert

YouTube is now well established as a great channel to reach people who are keen to know more about what you know. Create short videos to share what you know about topics that people are interested in. Don’t know what people are wondering? Check your search results, or the search terms that are leading to your competitors.

Need Help, But Can’t Afford It?

Singapore offers a variety of grants and schemes to help small business owners grow their businesses, both in Singapore and overseas. Check out our summary of some of the most popular Enterprise Singapore and other grants that your company might qualify to apply for.

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