For oevr twenty years, we've worked with leading international finance, telecommunications, aerospace, media and technology companies to help build and finance operations on seven continents. Our high-level contacts with leading private equity groups, business operators, and limited partners in Asia, America, Europe and the Middle East have resulted in strong and lasting relationships, and many successful transactions.

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Our investments include several stealth-based research projects, and four web-based businesses, three of which are in the beta (development) phase.

DealHorizon (US) (Now has grown from a simple blog about VC-backed startups to one of the fastest-growing collaborative business planning platforms on the web. Featuring a searchable database of thousands of venture capital and private equity firms worldwide, DealHorizon offers entrepreneurs an unparalleled platform for fundraising. (SG - merged with DoctorPage)

With offices in Hong Kong, Seoul and Singapore, provides solutions that enable medical professionals to streamline operations and offer state of the art patient management and scheduling services. Content and Systems initiated and led the successful merger with DoctorPage in May 2013.

Hatcher (SG & AE)

Founded in 2012, Hatcher is an emerging-markets-focused venture builder platform based in Singapore, with an affiliate network that spans the globe. Hatcher is dedicated to powering and informing the innovators and venture investors of the emerging economies.

Heardable (US)

Heardable provides a real-time data platform for brands, agencies and publishers. Heardable monitors 15.2 million brands using over 800 different parameters, allowing brand owners to monitor the performance of multiple brands by industry sector or location.

LenderExchange (US) is a community built by a team of business executives and highly-experienced lending professionals. Our unique LenderMatch™ technology enables fast and efficient collaboration between borrowers and Commercial Lenders, Asset Based Lenders, Commercial Finance, Mezzanine and Leasing Providers.

Polar Broadband (UK)

Backed by veterans of the space industry, Polar Broadband is building the first high-speed network designed specifically to meet the needs of scientists and researchers working in Antartica. Polar is currently 2 months into its planned 12 month countdown to commercial services launch.

SafeCentral (US - acquired)

SafeCentral, based on technology invented by Content and Systems' founder, was recently acquired by Wontok, a leading information security company, based in Sydney, Australia. SafeCentral is the leading technology when it comes to preventing endpoint data loss on behalf of enterprise and consumer customers.

Clients & Partners

Past and present clients and partners include leading families, private equity firms, government agencies, and business operators.

Gateway Communications (UK)

London-based Gateway Communications, part of the Vodafone group, is the leading pan-African wholesale connectivity and telecoms provider, working with Africa's mobile network operators to provide high quality voice and data connectivity, and value-added services, across 39 countries in Africa and into the rest of the world.

MDS America (US)

MDS America is building the first truly effective high-speed data terrestrial broadcasting infrastructure for MVDDS, worldwide. With clients that include leading telecommunications companies, carriers, and broadband providers on three continents, MDS is a leading player in MVDDS enablement.

Mozido (US)

Whether you serve consumers in the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods), Financial Services, Retail or Telecommunications sectors, Mozido helps you build deeper relationships with everyone – banked or self-banked (unbanked) – using an integrated, cloud-based mobile financial services and commerce solution you can brand as your own..

Orion Partners (HK)

Orion Partners, based in Hong Kong, provides services to families, pension funds, financial institutions, family offices, and high net worth individuals. It manages separate accounts, fund-of-hedge-funds, and real estate funds through special situations, fund-of-hedge-funds, asset management, and real estate group.

Perceval Consulting (HK)

Perceval Consulting is a company specialized in providing advice on the secure exchange and authentication of value. These include identification, travel and payment technologies, and we support corporations and governments in Asia Pacific.

Wontok (AU)

Wontok Enterprises is a provider of value-added managed services to leading ISPs, government agencies and enterprises in the Asia-Pacific. Our solutions allow our partners to deliver to their customers best-of-breed internet security solutions, premium support and resource management systems, and mobile gateway solutions.

Yan Engines (US)

The Yan Engines Differential Stroke Cycle (D-Cycle) Engine, currently undergoing trials with the US DoD, requires only five parts to be changed in existing 4-Stroke engines to produce 80% better fuel economy and 204% more torque - a result that has the potential to positively impact the lives of every person on Earth.


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